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Course duration: 30 hours


Cost: €800

Cost for eligible employees (HRD AUTH):  €290

Cost for unemployed (more than 6 months) ΕΕΕ: €0 or €50 for acces to simulation questions and notes.

Candidates should bring with them a laptop (preferably) or a tablet or a smart phone with a wide enough screen.

Candidates may reserve place upon pre-payment of the €290 that will be deducted from the total course cost.



This course comprises of a series of lectures accompanied with practice tests to enable participants obtain ‘Financial Services Regulatory Framework: Advanced Certificate’ of CySEC.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) is an independent public supervisory authority, assigned the responsibility for the overall supervision of the securities market and of the transactions in transferable securities carried out in the Republic of Cyprus. Its aim is to ensure high standards of investor protection, to safeguard the integrity, fairness and transparency of the operation of the securities market and to promote the steady development of the securities sector.

The aim of this course is to ensure that candidates gain a comprehensive understanding of the examination content. The course provides thorough preparation for the examination it refers to and it is compulsory for candidates to use it in order to prepare for the CySEC exams so that they have the best chance of success. The course covers Learning Manual Version 3.2 (March 2018) in the context of the CySEC certification procedure. Specific emphasis is given on exam techniques and how to approach each section of the syllabus.

The aim of the examinations is to ensure that candidates can apply an appropriate level of knowledge and understanding of the financial services regulatory framework that will assist them in the performance of their duties. Successful candidates will be certified and eligible to perform all the investment services/activities of paragraph 4 of the Directive.

The course syllabus comprises of:

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Candidates will be provided with:

  1. updated syllabus
  2. notes where necessary
  3. Mock exam for each chapter
  4. Mock exam at the end of the course to assess readiness by chapter
  5. Online access for own-pace practice




New Program will be announced on August 15.